Orange Homes can help you with the entire moving process, from helping you move your belongings from your current home and much more.

We help our client, spouse/partner and family settle in the Netherlands by providing an agreed number of  hours of support to assist with tasks such as waiting for furniture/TV deliveries before your arrival, shopping for arrival groceries, identifying practices for doctor/dentist registration, finding sports and hobby clubs for you and your family, assisting with DigiD registration, child benefit applications, and introduce you to our  preferred partner accountant for the annual tax return and insurance broker for all household and personal insurances.

We help you find a place where you feel at home.  Starting with an in-depth call to understand your needs  –  our search will then begin.  We start by calling our contacts to see what’s available off the market, and we check the online listings as well as properties that are made available to us for early viewings.  We arrange all the appointments and either accompany our client or provide a virtual viewing (either live or we take a video).  We will give you our 

honest opinion on the inside of the property, as well as the location so that you can make an informed decision on whether this is the place for you. We’ll make the offer to the landlord, check the rental contract and read through it with you, and then we’ll be there at the check in, to make sure everything is just as it should be.

We assist our clients in selecting the best provider that meets their needs, and set up the utilities and internet in their new home.

To live and work in the Netherlands you  need a residency and work permit. We’ll advise on the requirements both to employers for their relocating employees and new hires, and also to individuals and their family members.  We’ll check the documents required, and then prepare and submit the applications and coordinate the necessary appointments with the IND.

When you arrive at Schiphol with a lot of luggage, it’s nice to have someone waiting for you to help! We can coordinate and book a suitably sized taxi, and arrange with the driver to meet you at the arrivals hall.  The driver will have your name on a tablet, and take care of your luggage, carefully loading it into the luxury Mercedes minivan.  You’ll then be driven to your destination.

When you have been recruited to your new job in the Netherlands because of your specific expertise, the Dutch tax authorities can offer a tax break to help you with the costs of the move and any higher cost of living here.  This is known as the 30% ruling, which when approved, means you can receive up to 30% of your gross salary tax free for a period of 5 years.  

We can advise on this application, coordinate with your HR team for additional information and complete and submit the application on your behalf. We will also support our clients on their tax obligations to submit an annual tax return by referring them to a third party specialist.
Relocating with your pet to a new country can be very challenging; there are health tests and vaccinations to be done before you can relocate your pet, plus . We will make this transition easier by researching and advising on the requirements to import the pet, and coordinate the import process.

We understand that choosing the right school for your children when relocating is of prime importance. We’ll  have an extensive consultation with you to establish your children’s school requirements. We will explain the schools available in your preferred location and advise which options best suit your children. We will set up school visits in the area and give assistance with the enrolment at the school of choice.

When residing in the Netherlands you are required to register in the municipality within 5 days of arriving.  If your partner and/or children are transferring with you, they must also register.  We will advise on all documentation required and  arrange appointments.  On your first registration you will also be given your BurgerServiceNummer (BSN) – this is also known as the Citizen Service Number.  

This is a unique personal identification number, and everyone who resides in the Netherlands is required to have one. It allows you, among other things, to open up a bank account, to set up your utilities and pay your taxes.

As a working parent, balancing a job and caring for your child is a difficult task. Finding a quality childcare provider will ensure a safe and stimulating environment for your child to develop and give you peace of mind while working.  We will have an extensive consultation with you to understand your childcare requirements, and explain the childcare options available and provide advice which options best suit you. 

We will set up childcare centre visits and give assistance with the enrolment at the childcare centre of choice.
We will help you get your belongings from where they are to where they are going – by contacting two or three reputable shipping/removals companies and coordinating everything around your timeline. We’ll take care of getting the preferential quotes, to clearing customs and coordinating delivery to the new home.

It’s not straightforward importing your car to the Netherlands – if you’re from outside the EU, it’s likely your car will need modifications for you to drive it legally here. We’ll contact two reputable car import companies and then coordinate two competitive quotations for the import, arranging the necessary RDW (Netherlands Vehicle Authority) 

testing to meet NL requirements,and the Dutch registration of the car into your name, as well as delivery to your home. We’ll make sure you’re kept up to date with when your car’s collected, when it’s being shipped and landed, and through the final stages of registration.
If you are coming to the Netherlands for a short period of time or need a place to stay before you find your home, we will search for and book short stay accommodation with one of our preferred short stay providers, obtaining the best available preferential rate.

The Dutch American Friendship Treaty, also known as the DAFT, is an agreement that allows US entrepreneurs to obtain a Dutch residence permit if they set up a business here, maintain a balance of at least €4,500 in their bank account and meet a number of other conditions. We will guide you through the application, proactively advising on all aspects of the necessary documentation, including the business plan. We will introduce you to our network of specialist advisors that you will need to complete the process – eg., tax accountant, notary, lawyer and virtual office (if necessary). We work and coordinate closely with all the third parties to make sure that we get all the necessary information and documents prior to submitting the application to the IND. This residence permit is valid for two years, and you can apply for a permanent residency permit after five years.