How it works

Our services are designed to enable the expat to have a seamless transition from their home country to living and working in the Netherlands.

How it works

Contact us

Contact us and let’s have a chat to understand your most important goals for your relocation to the Netherlands.  We can discuss everything from residency permits, schooling etc to home finding – anything that you and your family need to feel confident and happy in your new life here.


we’ll then send you a proposal so that you know what the costs are, so you can prepare your budget. 

Start process

prior to your arrival we’ll start as much of the process as we can.  We’ll help you put together the necessary documents for the admin side of the relocation and tell you what’s needed for renting a home.  We store everything according to the terms of the GDPR.

Working together

we can work with you so that you can move straight into your new home on arrival OR we can start viewing together selected properties within your criteria and then take care of the rental offer and contract.  All the necessary admin appointments (like your BSN, the IND and bank appointments) will be already set up for you, so that we get this out of the way and your life in the Netherlands begins!