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Our Home-Finding service is designed to make the best use of time for the relocating professional.

Finding a home when you don’t know the country, or even the neighbourhood, can be one of the most challenging aspects of an international relocation. It can also take up a significant amount of time, just when an employee needs to be focussed on their new overseas assignment. We can help provide a soft landing for the whole family by listening carefully to their needs and putting together a housing tour of carefully selected properties in desirable neighbourhoods. We use our experience and connections to ensure that our clients always have access to the best properties – including those that haven’t even been added to the numerous property websites.

In some instances, a client may want to look at prospective neighbourhoods, before focussing on a preferred area for their home search. We can accompany the client on an Orientation Tour of potential neighbourhoods and share our inside knowledge of the amenities of each area. We can also organise appointments to view a property of the typical standard in each neighbourhood to help the client reach a decision on where they might like to live. We consider carefully the client’s lifestyle and family needs when advising on suitable locations and we help the client visualise living and working here, enjoying a high quality of life. We can organise our tours by car, on foot or better still, like the locals – by bike!

Challenges for finding rental accommodation in Amsterdam

Finding rental accommodation in the Netherlands has become a lot more challenging in 2023. The NL government has made a number of changes to policy and laws, and this together with continued demand has meant there are fewer properties available and rents everywhere have increased considerably. 

In Amsterdam you can count on the following requirements:

Rotterdam is still cheaper than Amsterdam, although it has become harder to find any 1 bedroom apartments under €1600. Many lower priced apartments in the Hague require a housing permit where the household income cannot be above €57.573 (for a single person) or €76.764 (for 2 or more person household).  Landlords still expect prospective tenants to earn at least 3-4 times the rent in gross monthly income, so check that your new position in the Netherlands will actually pay you enough to meet the criteria. In general, you will need at least €5.000 in gross monthly income to comfortably rent a property by yourself.

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“I’ve used Erica’s services to get settled in the Netherlands during a high-demand period. I’ve relocated to NL and have been looking by myself without a success. However, she was able to secure an apartment after the first viewing while I was outside the NL at that time. She did a detailed online viewing, prepared an offer, and helped me to understand the rental agreement. The availability and response time I got was great. Erica is very professional and considerate, Highly recommended!”