Individual relocation

It can be exciting to relocate to another country,
and we want to help you have a positive experience with your move.

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But we also know that sometimes it can be difficult – maybe the house-hunting is taking up too much of your time or maybe you just can’t work out which forms need to be completed and when. We know that when you’re starting a new job the last thing you need is to take time off, again and again, to attend to all the details an international relocation entails.

We can help with all of this. From finding the perfect home in the Netherlands, helping you open a bank account to importing the family pet. We make the appointments, we complete all the paperwork and we make sure that the administration of your move takes up as little of your time as possible.

Our services include

*for individual and corporate relocations

Residence Permits HSM Permits and HSM Sponsor Applications
Schooling Household Goods Removal
Vehicle Import Family Pet Import
Dutch American Friendship Treaty Application 30% Ruling
Annual Tax Return Home Finding Service
Orientation Tours Opening Bank Accounts
Municipality Registration Short Stay Accommodation
Exchange of Driver’s Licence Netherlands Settling In Programme (Orange Support)

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