Tara Alapiessa – Director

Tara Alapiessa was born in Kenya and moved to England at an early age. She later moved to Finland and lived there for 10 years before moving to the Netherlands with her husband and has been living in Amsterdam for 18 years. Tara has significant experience in the Netherlands housing market, first buying and renovating properties before moving in to home finding services. Helping expats find their perfect home in the Netherlands is a job she loves!

Erica Ackerman – Director

Erica has lived abroad for most of her adult life working in the British Diplomatic Service – and has now lived in 13 different countries in Latin America, Asia, North America and Europe. She fully understands the excitement, and the stress, of an international move and knows that it doesn’t always go smoothly. She is living in the Netherlands for the second time – having first lived here 2005-2012, before returning in 2016 – and this time she plans to stay! She began freelancing as a relocation consultant in 2016, before setting up Orange Homes with her business partner Tara Alapiessa in 2018.

We both believe passionately in helping our clients – and we do that by delivering a highly personal and professional service. We enjoy what we do, and want our clients to enjoy life here just as much as we do. We are committed to delivering the best possible transition for each client relocating to the Netherlands.